FOR 2505 – Soils for Plant Growth

Instructor: Dr. Paul Arp
Lab Instructor: Mark Castonguay
Teaching Assistants: Shane Furze, Marie-France Jones

Students examine relationships between soils and plants, and related roles of water and nutrients. Factors that restrict root growth, and processes that influence soil development are revealed through field exercises and laboratory work. Effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on forest soils and subsequent plant responses are emphasized.


UNB Woodlot – Jack Pine / Red Pine Plantations

UNB Woodlot – Site #1 – Aerial Image With WAM

UNB Woodlot – Site #1 – Aerial Image – All Transects


Odell Park – Upper – Beech Mixedwood / Hemlock Forest Types

Odell Park – Upper – Aerial Image Transect – Tuesday

Odell Park – Upper – Aerial Image Transect – Thursday


UNB Woodlot Wetland – Bishops Drive

UNB Woodlot Wetland – Aerial Image Transects


UNB Woodlot – Rich Mixedwood / Mod. Softwood On Red Siltstone

UNB Woodlot Mixedwood – Aerial Image Transect

UNB Woodlot Softwood – Aerial Image Transect


Nashwaaksis Silver Maple Floodplain – Alluvial PM

Nashwaaksis SM Floodplain – Tuesday Transect

Nashwaaksis SM Floodplain – Thursday Transect


Indoor Lab Session #1 – Soil pH Analysis – Class Results 2016


Indoor Lab Session #2 – Soil Texture Analysis – Class Results 2016


 Indoor Lab Session #3 – Free Iron & Organic Matter – Class Results 2016


Indoor Lab Session #4 – Determining Soil Quality – Class Results 2016

Soil Quality Report Form 2016 – For Thursday Lab Session