System Requirements

TRAIL has the following system requirements:

GIS Software:
ArcGIS 10, Service Pack 3
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Extension
Microsoft Office Excel

LiDAR generated Full Featured DEM (optional)
Bare Earth DEM
Wet Areas Raster (DTW) Linear Features (roads, trails, seismic lines)
Polygon features (lakes, LUZs, non-trafficable areas)

Data Formarts:
Vector data can be file geodatabase featureclasses or shapefiles.
Raster data can be file geodatabase rasters or ArcInfo GRDs.
Enterprise geodatabase (ArcSDE) is not supported in this version.

A TRAIL license activation code is required to run the application. Download a free 30-day trial or contact us to request a 1 year license or custom work.