The Forest Watershed Research Center within the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick is supported through research projects. The centre uses scientific methods to address biophysical issues that arise from forest management operations, using watersheds as primary research and management units. The centre is a partnership of industry, university and government dedicated to the development, application, and communication of watershed research (water, nutrients, air, energy, vegetation and soils) to promote sustainable and integrated forest management policies and practices.

We assert that:

  • top5The integration of sustainable forest management in the context of a changing physical and socio-economic environment is feasible, and essential for enhancing the appreciation of forests by the public in general. This integration, however, requires new and innovative forest management practices.
  • Understanding of primary resource flows through forested watersheds and soils (water, nutrients, air, energy) and the existing above- and below-ground conditions at the site-specific level is essential for addressing and integrating sustainable forest management into local land-use policies and related decision making.
  • The Centre has the ability, experience, and resources to meet the watershed research component of sustainable forest management. As such, the Centre focuses on the modelling and mapping of topographically and hydrologically driven conditions and processes at high geo-spatial resolution (1 to 10 m).
  • The Centre conducts knowledge-based communications including knowledge extension workshops.
  • The research is conducted in a timely fashion and leads to management practices which can be implemented and monitored readily. This involves developing facilitative decision-support tools.

Partner-Based Research Projects