Graduate Studies

The Forest Watershed Research Centre supports many students looking at pursuing graduate work (MScF and PhD) in watershed research. Topics range from watershed mapping, biomass modeling, and vegetation mapping by soil moisture, to mercury analysis and hydrology modeling. Any interested individual should contact the Center for more information.

Current Graduate Students

mf Marie-France Jones, MScF (PhD Candidate)
Mapping soil trafficability changes by way of temporal hydrology modelling and spatial wet-areas-mapping
Doug Doug Hiltz, MScF (PhD Student)

Past Graduates

Monique Goguen. 2016. Modelling and mapping distributions of common bryophytes across New Brunswick using a LiDAR-derived depth-to-water index

Kyle Chisholm. 2014. Modeling and mapping shallow water properties.

Amanda Smith. 2014. Wood decomposition and nitrogen mineralization modelling across north and central America

Doug Hiltz. 2014. Predictive vegetation type mapping using cartographic depth-to-water, slope, aspect, and elevation

Marie-France Jutras. 2012. Calibrating hydraulic conductivity for modeling stream discharge for select forest catchments across Canada

Jeanne Moore2012. Refining detail of forest site classification for theFundy Model Forest in New Brunswick

David Campbell. 2012. Forest trails: Optimizing trails locations by terrain conditions and other considerations, at high resolution

Joshua Noseworthy2011. A mass balance, biogeochemical framework for assessing forest biomass harvest sustainability

Xinyan Chi. 2008. Hydrogeological assessment of stream water in forested watershed: temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and electrical conductivity.

Xiangfei Meng. 2008. Design of GIS based forest road layout and environmental assessment tool

Jason Glode. 2008. Analyzing and modeling windthrow along riparian zones in Newfoundland

Mina Nasr. 2007. Mercury levels in fungal fruiting bodies from interior and coastal forests in the Bay of Fundy region, New Brunswick, Canada

Laura Sweeney2007. Mercury cycling through finfish aquaculture within the lower Bay of Fundy: possibilities for control in support of the health of coastal communities

Catherine Irene Otorowski. 2007. Mercury in gulls of the Bay of Fundy

Chengfu Zhang. 2005. Modelling of forest litter decomposition and nitrogen mineralization.

Matthew Steeves. 2004. Pre- and post-harvest groundwater temperatures, and levels, in upland forest catchments in northern New Brunswick.

Darren Allen. 2003. Spring dieback of yellow birch in North America: historical examination of weather and frost hardiness

Joseph Pomeroy. 2003. Stream turbidity signatures within the Hayward Brook Watershed Study.

F. Craig Fowler. 2003. Modelling watershed responses to agriculture and forestry in the potato belt of North-Western New Brunswick.

Brenton William Stanley. 2002. The Hayward Brook Watershed Study: hydrogeochemistry and responses to forest operations.

Vincent Balland. 2002. Hydrogeologic watershed modeling with special focus on snow accumulation and snowmelt including retention and release of major ions.

Bradley Case. 2001. Use of the flow accumulation concept in interpreting spatial patterns of select soil properties at two New Brunswick watershed sites.

Brian Simpson. 2000. Water quality effects of forest operations on fourth, fith, and sixth order streams.

Shelagh Yanni. 1996. Hydrogeochemical assessment of water in forested watersheds at Kejimkujik National Park: discharge rates, chemical composition, and ion fluxes.

Kevin Jewett. 1995. Hydrogeochemical observations and simulations for pre- and post-harvest conditions at the Nashwaak Experimental Watershed Project.

Kevin Keys. 1995. An ion resin disc method for estimating percolation ion fluxes in forest soils.



Shane Furze. 2018. A high-resolution digital soil mapping framework for New Brunswick, Canada.

Mina Nasr. 2015. Geospatial analysis of total mercury concentrations in stream and lake sediments across Canada.

Zhanxue Zhu. 2001. Simulating monthly soil leaching rates using a forest biomass and nutrient cycling model.

Xinbiao Zhu. 2001. The role of xylem cavitation and shoot and root freezing injuries in yellow birch decline: experiments and model

Mohammad Hadi Moayeri. 2000. Mass balanced related sustainability of forest biomass production: concepts and applications.