FOR 3457 – Forest Watershed and Water Quality Management

2014-03-21 16.43.40 (Medium)

Instructor: Dr. Paul Arp
Lab Instructor: Mark Castonguay
Teaching Assistant: Marie-France Jones & Marie Laforet

2014-03-21 16.46.42 (Medium)Emphasizes the principles of management of watersheds at the stand and landscape level. Influences of climate, topography/terrain, and stand and fuel types are covered. Concepts of watershed conservation are introduced as well as principles and models dealing with water retention and flow, and carbon and nutrient cycling in primary forest watersheds. The course provides lectures and laboratory exercises dealing with chemical, biochemical, and biological water quality enhancement and pollution issues.

Lab Session Report Outlines & In-Lab Handouts

See FOR 3456 for Lab 1-6

Lab 7 – Soil Erosion GIS

Lab 8 – GIS & Outdoor Site Sampling

Lab 9 – Water Quality Measurements (EC, pH, DO)2015-03-24 14.34.58

Lab 10 – Mercury in Soil

Lab 11 – Bacteria in Stream Water