LiDAR workshop 2012: Building a sustainable Alberta through the application of LiDAR technologies

– Greening Alberta’s Energy Sector: Lessons leaned from the Rainbow Pipeline Spill of 2011 (Jae Ogilvie, Barry White, Paul A. Arp)
– Application of LiDAR within government of Alberta: ASRD; Alberta Culture and Community Spirit; Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation; Alberta Geological Survey (Barry White, Robin Woywitka, and Duke Hunter)
– LiDAR and its Operational Role in Alberta Environment and Water (Don Page and Geniene Sabilla)
– LiDAR – Demonstrating Value to Parks through 101 Uses (Duke Hunter)
– Use of LiDAR-based Digital Terrain Analysis in Archaeological Modeling (Robin Woywitka)

For more about this event, download the agenda package.